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Managing sales and use taxes is among the most challenging tasks facing companies today. These taxes are based on state rules and regulations that are often subject to misinterpretation by companies and state tax auditors. For companies doing business in multiple states, the complexities are even greater as tax laws vary from state to state.

Every buying and selling situation requires a decision: taxable or not?

Do the people making taxability decisions at your company have the information necessary to make the best decisions?

Are unnecessary taxes being paid?

STP can help you find potential overpayments!

Our professionals have conducted hundreds of reviews across the United States. We stay current with the latest tax regulations and exemptions. We’ll put this expertise to work for you to saving your tax department precious time and your company’s hard earned dollars.

STP can assist in all of the following sales/use tax areas:

Audit Defense
STP can be a valuable resource when you are subject to an audit. An STP consultant can represent you through all phases of the audit process, including pre-audit preparation, audit management, fieldwork, and appeals.

Nexus Reviews
You may be responsible for filing and/or collecting taxes in jurisdictions of which you are not aware. By identifying these areas early, large assessments, penalties, and interest might be avoided. A review will determine the correct tax owed.

Refund Reviews
STP Refund Reviews leverage our deep industry expertise to identify and collect the highest percentage of tax overpayments to both government entities and vendors. Our tax consultants uncover erroneously charged sales taxes from your vendors, erroneously accrued taxes for purchases, and any potential state audit exposures that may exist.

Performing multi-state research can be a daunting task. With 45 states and the District of Columbia imposing sales and use taxes, as well as many local jurisdictions that impose their own sales and use taxes, researching one issue can be time consuming and subject to interpretation. Let STP’s state and local tax professionals put our research expertise to work for you. STP can also help you obtain an opinion or interpretations from tax authorities.

STP can develop customized tax training programs for your tax professionals or others in need of specialized tax training. STP can develop training manuals, taxability matrixes or provide on-site training seminars. Whatever your tax training needs, let STP assume the burden.

Voluntary Disclosure Agreements
These are agreements by which companies that owe taxes to a taxing authority can strike a deal to reduce or eliminate tax liability, interest and penalties, without revealing their identity until after the deal is complete. By using a consultant as your representative, the best deal can be negotiated before you have to commit to anything.